Dessiner le Corps Humain

Facebook Group Where We Experiment Bargue Drawing

Hello and Welcome to my Bargue and Cast Drawing Group for Artists. This idea behind this group was to test in a pragmatic experiment what a small dose of Bargue can do to your drawing. I hope to show that it will improve your skills a lot.

Bargue Plate 12

In this series I show how I finish the drawing.

Cast Drawing and Using Plumb Lines

In this video, I show how I setup and use plumb lines to correct mistakes
at an intermediate stage in the drawing

What Materials I Use for Bargue and Cast Drawing

In this video, in the context of testing what a small dose of Bargue can bring to your skills on my Bargue facebook group, I explain what materials I use.

Where to Buy Plaster Casts

Here are a few addresses of where to buy plaster casts.

How to Make your Bargue Plates

In this document, I explain how to make your Bargue plates out of your Bargue book.

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